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Avoiding Risk with Contractors

Hiring a contractor to work on your home is an investment, but it is not without risk. Good contractors pay attention to the details of your needs and guarantee the quality of their work. Both of these qualities should be evident in their project price estimate and the warranty they offer.

The Estimate

A good contractor will not put a dollar amount on the back of a business card and hand it to you. They should prepare a complete proposal that refers to the scope of work. It should be broken down in different areas with the price clearly indicated and the brands and models spelled out.

A good contractor should also help you establish a budget that you are comfortable with. They should share design ideas and help you understand how your decisions and different materials affect the cost. The best contractor will listen to you and be respectful of your budget.

Beware of contractors who refuse to give a written estimate or contract. Verbal statements never hold up in court.


Most reputable contractors offer a standard one-year warranty on their labor and a minimal manufacturer’s warranty on materials. You can test a contractor’s commitment to quality work by their willingness to provide a warranty for materials and labor. 

Generally, the longer the warranty, the better the quality and the more attention the contractor will place on doing the work right.

A good contractor will also provide their warranty in writing. A sample of our three-year warranty is always available prior to a written construction agreement.

Making sure your contractor understands your needs in the written estimate and getting a warranty will make sure your project is completed with skill and diligence.