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Communication with the Homeowner

The success of a project can hinge on the communication skills of everyone involved.

The good contractor understands the value and importance of clear communication. They should value your questions and practice clear communication. Furthermore, a good contractor makes sure there are no misunderstandings and asks for feedback on a regular basis. 

You can get a good sense of a contractor’s communication style and attentiveness to your needs early on. Their initial proposal can be a good indicator about how intentionally they have listened to you about your budget and preferences.

However, communication is still vital as a project progresses. Since most of our beach projects are second homes or investment properties, most of our clients don’t live in the home. This presents a unique challenge in communication. Good contractors constantly seek to keep the client informed of the progress, and you should expect reports and pictures of your project as it progresses.

Having a communicative contractor is important, but you should always make sure to communicate your needs as well. Whenever there is a question, you should feel comfortable asking your contractor and visiting the site at your convenience to discuss your thoughts and dreams. There is no such thing as a bad question. If you’re not sure, ASK!

Through good communication, you can be sure to get the desired result!