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Hello, I’m Mike Mayhew, aka the Renovation Answer Man and owner of Beach House Miracles.

I was introduced to Sea Colony when some of my family members purchased an ocean front unit and it was in desperate need of renovation. My brother Pat was telling the realtor about the massive renovation he had planned when they politely said, “You know you can’t work in the unit after Memorial Day… …that only gives you about 30 days”. Pat quickly said, “that’s okay, we’ll be done.”

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They all laughed and said, “Sorry but, things don’t move that fast here”. That’s when Pat called me and I agreed we could get it done on time. We spent Memorial Day weekend enjoying the beach in the newly renovated condo.

Beach House Miracles was started in response to the realtors saying getting anything at the beach done on time was a MIRACLE!

I don’t want to elevate our company to the status of a miracle but, I will say our systems produce some amazing results. That was in 2003 and we have been producing the same amazing results every year since. The fact is, there is no substitute for experience and after more than 30 years in the renovation business, we’ve seen almost everything. The physical renovation work is the easy part; the Experience is what keeps our clients asking us back and referring us their friends and family. We approach all of our clients with the following goals:

First, our goal is to provide all of our clients with a world class experience. 

When all the work is done, we want to hear our clients simply say WOW! Our second goal is to be the least burden to our clients as possible.  We understand you can’t make money or do what you want to do if you have to constantly watch us. When you work with us, you will not need to be on site and involved in the project as much as you are probably used to. On many of our projects, the client, (in this case you) is not even in the same state. We emphasize continuous communication through use of simple technologies on the internet and all of our clients get cell phone access to their assigned project manager. Our clients are able to focus on the things that they want; because they are confident we are taking care of them and doing everything we said we would.

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It is always a Win for Us and our Client because we want it that way. I guarantee you will like doing business with Beach House Miracles because we are unlike most other companies you have ever tried to work with! For us, your Experience is Everything.

I look forward to personally meeting with you soon.

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National Association of the Remodeling Industry