Why Us?

I was once asked by a potential client, “Why You?”  I asked her, “Do you mean as opposed to any other choice in the marketplace?”  She answered, “Yes!”  After more than thirty years in business, this is the first time I’ve received such an outstanding question.


I replied, “We offer something very different from all of our competitors.”


First, Beach House Miracles focuses on our client’s experience.  Getting everything you want in your beach house should be enjoyable not stressful.  Our clients often tell us how easy and fun working with us is and that working long distance is no problem at all.


Secondly, everyone talks about quality and in reality, quality is the minimum you should expect. I thought I was providing pretty standard quality until I saw the disasters that our competitors were routinely passing off as quality work.   Worse, people were buying it!  Then my suppliers started complaining I was too picky and my standards too high.  I knew my definition of quality far exceeded that of others in this industry.


Our clients and several of the local realtors have said, “…when we walk into a remodeled unit we know if it was done by Beach House Miracles, the results are outstanding…”   This is not by accident!  It is the result of relentless attention to the details from start to finish and continually working with a happy client!  For us, the only acceptable response from our clients is WOW!

Solid Reputation

Over 90% of our business comes from referrals and repeat, satisfied customers.


Over 30 years experience in remodeling and renovations.

Personal Attention and Satisfaction Guaranteed

All work comes standard with a three year warranty. Beach House Miracles’ owner visits each project through every phase to personally guarantee the highest level of quality and workmanship.


Since many of our clients live in other cities, we understand how important it is to keep you informed. Clients can log into their own private area to view pictures, selections and even ask questions through our website.

Cutting Edge Technology

We utilize the latest technologies to manage your renovation. This eliminates the most common constuction headaches and allows us to provide you with a quality finished renovation.

One Source Renovation Specialists

Regardless of the size or complexity of your renovation, we’ll provide all of the experts needed to achieve your goals.

Personal Access to Design Specialists

We provide you with a Design Professional who’ll personally assist you and help you choose everything you need including paint color, interior finishes, furniture and even artwork, dishes and accessories if you like.

Professional Cleaning Services

We’ll keep your home professionally cleaned during and after your renovation is completed. We can also assist in receiving personal deliveries and delivery of your furniture so you won’t have to make a special trip.